Bishops Castle is a crazy tourist attraction deep in the San Isabel National Forest in Southern Colorado.
It’s been on our Colorado Google Map for quite a while, but seems like a good one to check off the list with Mom visiting.
The castle was started by Jim Bishop in 1969, and he has continued to build, and build, and build ever since.
It is a twisted maze of stone, rebar, concrete and glass, with whimsical touches everywhere.
Some of the work such as the bridge to the nowhere ladder are pretty sketchy, and standing on top of the tallest platform you can feel the entire structure sway in the wind. Say what you may about my mountaineering, but I feel a lot safer hanging off a slab of granite than swaying on this thing!
Smart of the owners to put coin dispensers for mealy worms and corn to feed their chickens – we spent a couple bucks helping their roost and enjoyed watching the chickens cluck around and scrap for the goodies. Simple pleasures.
Definitely worth a stop if you’re anywhere near the area, but certainly not something to make a special trip for unless you’re interested in bizarre architecture and sketchy construction techniques. We enjoyed it, and would do a repeat visit if we had guests who wanted to check it out.

Here We Go

Here We Go
Arriving at Bishops Castle

Little Woman, Big Chair

Little Woman, Big Chair at Bishops Castle
A throne fit for a queen!

The Great Hall

The Great Hall at Bishops Castle
Perfect spot for a wedding

Precarious Position

Precarious Position at Bishops Castle
It’s an interesting walkway between these two towers

Ummm Spiral?

Ummm Spiral?
I think this is a spiral staircase

Betty Boop

Betty Boop stained glass at Bishops Castle
Creative Stained Glass


A lady returns from the ramp to nowhere

Chicken Feed

Chicken Feed at Bishops Castle
Smart of the Bishops Castle owners to put in coin-operated feed dispensers so you can feed their chickens corn or mealy worms.

Hurts My Eyes

Hurts My Eyes
So much going on here


The dragon reigns supreme

People For Perspective

People For Perspective
Not a great shot, but some people in the photo for size perspective

We Need Fire

We Need Fire - dragon at Bishops Castle
I’d gladly donate for a propane tank to make this baby blow fireballs!

Inside Bishops Castle

A view inside the castle

Feeding The Chickens

Feeding the chickens at Bishops Castle

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