Belle Fourche is the geographic center of the entire United States.
We thought we were done with geographic centers when we visited Lebanon Kansas back in April, but that was the center of the contiguous 48 states.
Add in Alaska and Hawaii, and things shift northwest a bit right into the booming metropolis of Belle Fourche, South Dakota.
Really not much else here to see or do, but they’ve done a really nice job with the visitors center and the monument. We were also quite surprised at just how large the town was for being out in the middle of nowhere.
Worth a stop if you’re doing Devils Tower, Black Hills, etc. Good enough to stop and take a photo, read the history and then move along…

Government Drivers

Government Drivers
I wonder when requiring government drivers to be safe stopped being a requirement?

Lawn Ornament

Belle Fourche Lawn Ornament
The geographic center monument is pretty ornate.

Geographic Center

Belle Fourche - Geographic Center
This is the most ornate geodetic marker I’ve ever seen.

Welcome to Belle Fourche

Welcome to Belle Fourche
The geographic center of the United States.

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