Bear Lake Utah is known as the Caribbean of the Rockies for it’s turqouise coloring, caused by calcium carbonate deposits suspended in the water reflecting the sunlight.
The 109 square miles of the lake are equally split between Utah and Idaho, with most of the development on the southwestern shore in Utah.
While not as frigid as the alpine water in the Bench Lakes, or the fresh spring water of Blue Heart Springs, the water is brisk enough that it nicely offsets the summer heat and is a very popular vacation spot for families coming up from Salt Lake City.
Yet another spot that’s been on our go-see-do list for several years, it’s one of the ones that is now high on our future return list.

Happy Captain

Happy Captain on Bear Lake
She sure looks happy to be out on the water!

Landing Pad

Landing Pad
This little guy landed and hung out for five or ten minutes, cleaning his eyeballs, watching me, and just enjoying a salty place to sit.

First Mate

First Mate
I get stuck doing the captaining while the first mate plays in the water.

Splish Splash

Splish Splash in Bear Lake
Splashing in the blue water of Bear Lake.

Rasberry Shake

Rasberry Shake
This area is known for rasberries, and more importantly the rasberry shake. We were not disappointed.

Endless Blue

Endless Blue of Bear Lake
It really looks like this.

Seaside Sitting

Seaside Sitting in Bear Lake Marina
We found a nice shady spot under a tree to spend the afternoon with our Kindles.

Bear Lake Marina

Bear Lake Marina
An aerial of the Bear Lake Marina. Being the only marina on the entire lake, I can imagine that the waitlist is years and years for a slip.

Splashing Gone Wrong

It’s all fun and games until somebody gets a faceful of water!

Zooming Around Bear Lake

A quick flyby the Bear Lake Marina

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