ASA 104 complete and we’re finally certified!  This means several key things to us:

  1. We can now rent sailboats anywhere in the world.  The ASA bareboat certification is recognized around the globe as a sure sign of  competent and confident sailors.
  2. We can plan things and stick with them.  Almost a year of planning and research has gone into getting certified, and it’s a great feeling to have it under our belts.
  3. We now have time to move onto the next adventure!

The 104 was the last of the three classes in the grand scheme of certification.  For me this one was the easiest since it covered a lot of boat systems and mechanics that I already know cold from my years of boat ownership.  Colette was less than enthusiastic about learning how diesel injection pumps and water separators work, but she slugged her way through the coursework and got a better grade on the final 117 question test than I did!  Captain Tim was even kind enough to give us a real-world test as the engine smoked a fan belt while underway on our return trip home.

The class requires 48 hours on the boat with an overnight at anchor somewhere, along with meal planning, refueling, and other seemingly basic things that aren’t so basic when you’re working with limited storage and refrigeration space.  It’s a lot like camping, just on water. 

We spent Sunday on Charlotte Harbor as well, racing with Captain John on High Voltage.  The total lack of wind made this a complete non-starter, but it’s always great to spend the day on the water with perfect sunshine, a nice cold beer, and great people.  We’re both looking forward to next weekend!


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