The most common way to summit Mount of the Holy Cross is to backpack into the East Cross Creek Campground in the Holy Cross Wilderness, then summit the next day.
This is because of the thousand feet of elevation over Halfmoon Pass that ends up being elevation on the return from the summit – not fun when your legs are shot.
Since it’s the weekend after the kids wedding, we invited them for a Mini-Moon backpack weekend, and Tom elected to join Dasani and I for the trek up Mount of the Holy Cross.

Mount of the Holy Cross

Mount of the Holy Cross
Dasani stops to reflect on tomorrow’s objective

Fall colors are in full swing, and the hike in is absolutely gorgeous. Great footing most of the way, vivid yellow aspens, and perfect skies and temps.

So. Much. Yellow.

So. Much. Yellow. Holy Cross Wilderness
The aspens certainly are in full swing

Tom and Shelby arrived a few hours after we setup camp at the East Cross Creek Campground, and we had plenty of space to share and no neighbors anywhere within the wilderness.

Camp Sweet Camp

Camp Sweet Camp - East Cross Creek Campground in the Holy Cross Wilderness
We scored a sweet campsite with huge pines and lots of space to stretch out.

After we bagged the 14er (separate post to come tomorrow), we had plenty of time to chill at the campsite and just relax.
We had planned to stay 3 nights, but there is a lack of easily accessible areas to wander near the campground, and we all made the decision to pack it in and get home a day early.
More quality time for Dasani with the family, more cat time for the kids, and back to slaving away at the ranch for me.


Warm October sun reflecting off of granite creates a mini oven


Exploration of the Holy Cross Wilderness
Exploring some nooks and crannies along East Cross Creek

Chill Time

Chill Time in the Holy Cross Wilderness
Shelby and Tom enjoy some quiet time along East Cross Creek.


Cheetos taste so good when you're backpacking in the Holy Cross Wilderness
Colette wins the Master Provisioner award yet again!

Aspen Camo

Aspen Camo in the Holy Cross Wilderness
We know how Tom got his trail name


Climbing the switchbacks along the Halfmoon Trail headed up to Halfmoon Pass

Pit Stop

Pit Stop
Happy to be out of the switchbacks!

One Last Look

One Last Look back as we leave the Holy Cross Wilderness
Looking back at Mt of the Holy Cross one last time before heading over Halfmon Pass.

Group Shot

Group Shot
We all made it back to the trailhead!

Winter Weather

Winter Weather
It’s not in the Holy Cross Wilderness, but this storm west of Buena Vista was pretty amazing on the drive home!

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