Diving BuddiesAlternate post title: WHEW, we made it home. 


First the cruise, then a couple fun days in Key Largo snorkeling the reefs in Pennekamp State Park with Colette’s friend Angela, then a couple very full days in Key West diving on my buddy Silk’s boat.


With our time in Florida and the Bahamas finally over, it’s nice to get back to Northern California!  No more 83 degrees at 0500.  No more bugs.  No more staying up too late and getting up too early. No more extroverting. 

And that means back to normal work for the both of us – 0500 conference calls for me Gilbert's Sunsetand customer calls all day long for Colette.  While we both enjoyed our time in the tropics, it’s just another reminder that daily life isn’t too bad either.


For now, we’re sitting just north of Napa and Sonoma, with the intent of visiting both over the next few days as Colette has never been to either before.  After that we’ll make our way north through the state and national Redwood parks that dot Northern California on our way to the Oregon coast and ultimately to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state where we’ll spend two months enjoying the Pacific Northwest nature from a nice spot just outside Olympic National Park.


It sure feels good to be “home”.


Sunset at Gilbert’s Photos June 10 (3 photos)

Snorkeling Key Largo Photos June 11 (5 photos)

Key West City Photos June 13 (4 photos)

Diving Eastern Sambo Reef Photos June 14 (5 photos)

Diving Sand Key Photos June 15 (11 photos)

Diving Sand Key – Silk’s Photos June 15 (6 photos)

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