The Bachelor Loop Mining Tour is the biggest bang for the buck if you have limited time in Creede.
The 17 mile self-guided driving tour leaves from the north end of Creede and returns to the southern end if driving counter-clockwise as the stops are numbered.
The road is passable to all vehicles with decent ground clearance and a cautious driver.
If you’re driving a two-wheel drive vehicle, driving clockwise is recommended due to a few steep sections that are easier traversed downhill than up.
And if you’re not comfortable with your vehicle or your driving abilities, you can rent ATVs in town to take the tour.
The Bachelor Loop is named for the mining ghost town of Bachelor located high in the mountains, which was named due to the high number of single male miners who lived there during the mining heyday.
Rather than trudge uphill to the mines from Creede, the town was at an altitude which made the trip to work more palatable.
Especially photogenic is the Commodore Mine site just outside of town north of the underground fire station and mining museum, now an EPA Superfund cleanup site.
We missed visiting the Last Chance Mine as they don’t open until 10am and we started early to beat the Colorado afternoon monsoons, but we’re 100% certain that we’ll be returning to the area and we’ll hit it on our next time through.

Heed My Advice

Heed My Advice - the Bachelor Loop
Even though we have all-wheel drive, we think a two-wheel drive sedan could make it all the way through the Bachelor Loop with a cautious driver.

Covered Wagon

Covered Wagon
Just a random covered wagon alongside the road… You never know what you’ll find in Colorado’s mining mountains.

Falling Over

Falling Over
The SUV in the lower right of the frame shows the scale of these massive monoliths.

Historic Colorado Mining Country

Historic Colorado Mining Country along the Bachelor Loop
Protect while you enjoy Colorado’s historic treasures.


The car really puts the sheer enormity of this mill in perspective.

To The Mill

To The Mill
Scaffolding for the ore cart tracks leading to the stamp mill.

Old Mounds

Old Mounds along the Bachelor Loop
Another Colorado Superfund cleanup site from the mining past.

Big Walls

Big Walls along the Bachelor Loop
The big canyon walls along the Bachelor Loop are pretty amazing.


This sign "Prayer is the best way to meet the Lord, but trespassing is faster" out here in the middle of nowhere certainly deters anyone from testing the owner’s interest in visitors.

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