It is AWESOME to come around a corner and have a moose taller than me 20 feet away in the middle of the trail.

It is also very SCARY when you realize that she has a baby with her since I don’t want to get stomped to death.

We didn’t get stomped, got lots of great photos, and had to walk within about 10 feet of Mom to get down the trail (with a couple small pine trees between us), and we lived to tell the tale.

Colorado certainly is amazing in the summer, from the crazy amount of wildflowers to the wildlife (Colette wouldn’t let me keep the snake – BAH!) to the crazy weather (we had to hide under some huge pines when it started hailing on us as we were climbing the mountain).

It will be nice to get back home to paradise next week, but it sure is nice being here.

Buchanan Pass, Colorado

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