Splashes of Color8:30 a.m. – 89 degrees in the




Only in Death Valley National Park.


The Artists Palette is noted for having various colors of rock that heat, water, volcanic activity, and weather have all contributed a brush stroke to, adding to the variety of textures and colors. 


Early morning was the perfect time for our drive along the curvy nine-mile loop through this beautiful kaleidoscope of colors including surprising greens and purples.  Early morning light and without the oppressive heat that the midday sun was sure to bring.


At one point there was a two-tone mountain with clear distinction of colors that looked like someone poured a vanilla and chocolate milkshake over each other.  Other sections looked like rough poured concrete, sediment with rocks and stone No Photoshop Neededsuspended.  One area had the jigsaw-puzzle-like look of ponderosa pine bark.


We parked the Jeep and each did our own thing.  Jim looked for just the right light and just the right angle. I marveled at the butterfly (where did it come from in this vast barren land?) and a plant that appeared to be alive, but it was entirely ghostly white-gray.  And again the eerie quiet.


As we drove out of the Artists Palette, Jim mentioned the layers of green rock looked like a mint ice cream sandwich (with chocolate crumbles on top!).


I have a sneaking suspicion that there’s ice cream in our near future.


Artist’s Palette Photos

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