Cormorant in Charlotte HarborAn unfortunately short day since I had to head to the airport at 1:30, but an early start made it a great day!  We missed out on racing today due to my flight schedule, but Jim2 & Arlene invited us out on their new boat Moxie again and were accommodating by shifting the entire day forward – early out, early in and off the airport with plenty of time to spare.

Light winds make for so-so sailing, but they provide for good safe environment for Jim2 & Arlene to practice and work out the kinks of new equipment and new procedures.  Some interesting learning for myself too in programming the autopilot and GPS to work together – very cool stuff, now to work the rest of the kinks out!

20110313Sailing-085Probably the best way I can imagine the Sunday morning going, bobbing around with clear blue skies and great company.  It’s a pity I have to trade for grey skies and crappy weather during the week, but we all have to pay the bills somehow.  It sure will be nice to get back to sunshine and warm weather when the week is over though!

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