Angel’s Landing – the scariest hike in North America?
Well, I guess all of the superlatives are accurate if you’re wearing sweat pants and tennis shoes with no microspikes on ice, and you’re afraid of heights.
Angel’s Landing got it’s name a century ago by Frederick Vining Fisher, a Methodist minister so in awe of the massive sandstone cliff that he surmised that only angels might land on it. The name stuck, and the trail was built in the 1920s.
It’s amazing to see all of the threads around the hike – from ‘Perilous’ to ‘Scariest Hike‘ to ‘Dangerous Winter Hike‘. I’m surprised that there have only been 3 deaths on this route since 2017, it seems like the number should be higher.
Coming from Colorado mountains, I had grandiose visions until I realized who all of the blogs posts were for – not Coloradoans.
But – this is the #1 hike in Zion National Park for a very good reason! This is an amazing climb up once you get up the Walter’s Wiggles switchbacks and leave some of the crowds at Scout’s Lookout. Beautiful views with a couple Class 3 sections with chains to make it super easy and fun.
Colette has very little technical mountain experience, and she cruised right through the Class 3 sections, I kept asking her how her heart rate and fun level were, and I kept getting the ‘shut up and get moving dumbass’ look. My kinda girl!

Angel’s Landing

Angel's Landing
From down here, Angel’s Landing looks like an awesome hike!

Still Some Fall

Still Some Fall
Still some fall colors left, despite the snow on the ground.

Decision Point

Angel's Landing -Decision Point
Too many people get Instagram-fever and continue past this point when they shouldn’t…

Big Smiles

Angel's Landing -Big Smiles
Somebody is loving this!

Hoist Me Up

Hoist Me Up
It’s easiest in some sections to just grab the chain and hoist yourself up.

All Elbows

Angel's Landing -All Elbows
And in other sections, it’s easiest to grab the rocks and push yourself up.

Zion Valley View

Angel's Landing -Zion Valley View
The view of the Zion vallley from Angel’s Landing.


Angel's Landing -Wiggles
The road continues up to the Temple of Sinawava area where the hike to the famous Narrows starts.


It’s a narrow ledge to walk.

The Look

Angel's Landing -The Look
Enjoying a last look out on the way down from Angel’s Landing

Watch Your Step

Watch Your Step
I don’t recommend this in snowy and icy conditions – misstep two feet to the right and you have a very long plunge to the canyon floor.

Just a Pause

Angel's Landing -Just a Pause
Taking a pause, waiting for the photographer to catch up.

Big Bend

Angel's Landing -Big Bend
The Big Bend from somewhere on Angel’s Landing

The Catwalk

The Catwalk
Drop to the left, drop to the right. I say take away the chain and thin the herd out!

Angel’s Landing

Angel's Landing
Angel’s Landing looks amazing from this angle at Scout’s Lookout.

The Wall

Angel's Landing -The Wall
Hanging on to avoid plunging off the left side.

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