Does It Get Any Better?It is NOT pah-rump.


It’s Prump.  Prump

, Nevada.


It doesn’t matter that it’s spelled Pahrump, the locals will let you know quickly when you sound like a tourist.  And with its location midway between Las Vegas and Death Valley, tourism and gambling look to be the only games in town.


For our purposes, Pahrump worked great – we needed a spot close to Las Vegas so that Vegas In The DistanceI could catch my outbound flights, we wanted to see the Red Rock Canyon area, and we needed somewhere that we could find reasonable storage while we were both gone for two weeks.  Check, check, and check.


As members of the Escapees RV club, our intent was to pull into a full hookup spot in the Pair-A-Dice RV resort in Pahrump and squat there until we put the rig in storage.  Pair-A-Dice became No Dice – apparently they have a clause in their bylaws that doesn’t allow any rigs over 40’, and they have a few older members with tape measures, a bad attitude, and a lot of time on their hands.  Time for them to catch up with the times since so many people have 40’+ Class A’s now, but at least we Mares Tailsdry camped there for a week before moving along – quite a steal at $30 for the week.


Our luck of the draw (are we keeping with the gambling theme here or what?) was much better right down the road at the RV Ranch Resort.  Nothing fancy, and a lot of older permanent rigs, but we ended up in a regular spot with no hookups (since we’re full solar) for a sweet price, and the young man running the place even let us fill & dump on our last day in the spot!  Nice.  The park gets some poor reviews due to run-ins with the woman who owns the park, but she was friendly when we dealt with her, and we have nothing but good marks for the place.  Add cheap storage for the two weeks while we were out of town, great views of Mt Charleston, super clean bathrooms/showers, and inexpensive laundry – we’d definitely stay here again.


Another bonus of being in Pahrump was meeting up with fellow fulltimers Kyndal and StripedJ’ of  Talk about hardcore boondockers, they make us look like complete softies!  Great people though, and great conversation over an adult beverage or three.  I find it amazing just how the similar the gypsy blood is amongst all of us who wander.


Pahrump has served us well, and now we’re headed south down through Joshua Tree National Park on our way to San Diego for the winter season.  Warmer climes, and more ocean.  It is October – time for the gypsy blood to be moving along.


RV Ranch Resort Photos

Hiking Red Rock Canyon Photos

Desert Dragonflies Photos

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