It’s not always mountains, snow, and crushing the altitude. Sometimes you have to sit by the lake and just chill. A Redfish Lake day it is…
Amazing how some of these Idaho alpine lakes remind us of Europe – tall mountains, deep blue water, green pines. Maybe a bit of Lake Tahoe too.
It’s also amazing that no matter how far off the beaten path you go and mark out your little area, somebody is going to come tramping along and squat right next to you… I can see it in Europe, but here? I flew the drone back and forth close and endlessly to make our intruders realize that this was a terrible place to be, then packed it away and enjoyed the rest of the day in silence with the water lapping along the shore. Means to an end.
As much as we like to go-go-go, there’s something to be said for a day spent sitting in our bag chairs along the water’s edge doing absolutely nothing but drinking a beer and reading our Kindles.
Top that off with live music at the Redfish Lodge, hot showers and aloe for the sun-tinged body parts, and an early bedtime – not a bad way to spend a day when you’re not going-going-going.

Lakefront Living

Lakefront Living
This looks like Switzerland, not Idaho.

It’s Not Photoshop

It's Not Photoshop
I can’t Photoshop two photos with the exact same background. It really does look like this.

More Switzerland

More Switzerland, less Redfish Lake
I can’t put my finger on what Swiss or German lake this feels like, but it doesn’t feel like something here CONUS.

Tucked In

Tucked In along Redfish Lake
Our own private bit of shoreline along Redfish Lake.

Clear Clear Water

Clear Clear Water on Redfish Lake
Glacial lake are always amazingly clear.

Book Time

Book Time
It’s nice to have some time to kick back with our Kindles and just enjoy being Human Beings not Human Doings.

Quick Drone Shot

A quick drone shot over Redfish Lake

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