New Balance 479Every time we go for a  hike, I rave about how much I love my New Balance 479 hiker/trail runner shoes and how they’re the best shoes I’ve ever had.  Every time I rave, Colette points out that I should write an article about them.  But it’s easy enough to go look up the specs on the interwebz, so I thought up a special treat while we were out hiking today – a poem for you, our readers.  Crazy, but it popped to my head while we were hiking, and it stuck.  So without further ado:

The mountains we hike, the trails that we ride

From recycled car tires and dead tanned cowhide

Ready to take me where I want to go

My 4-7-9’s, how I do love thee so


It was originally going to be a haiku, but I didn’t feel like looking up the proper rules and since this was what popped into my head so it’s what you’re stuck with Smile

2 thoughts on “A Poem for you, our readers

  1. I think the poem needs some work.
    It does make me curious about the shoes tho…..

  2. They really are the best shoes. If I was doing heavy hiking (and we had the space), I would probably buy some full size hiking boots, but for do-everything shoes, I think that these are as good as they get, and the price is pretty cheap now too. The nice thing about the neutral colors is that dirt/dust doesn’t show on them too heavily either, and I use a Sharpie marker to color all the bright orange to black so they don’t stand out too much.

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