20120526MorningSnow-9247.jpgYesterday we woke up to 37 degrees and watched the temperature hit 44 by late morning before beginning a downslide to about 26 degrees. I called out each new low to Jim as he worked in his ‘office’ (the back part of the RV). One flurry, then a few, and by afternoon there was a dusting of snow everywhere. On May 25.


The snow in the early part of the day was like Styrofoam pellets and later in the day they were the biggest flakes I’ve ever seen, like small shreds of tissue paper. We both kept ourselves busy working during the day. I looked outside early evening and blue sky was peeking through so we thought, “Oh good, the system has passed.” One last look before we went to bed – holy crap. A full blanket of snow showed up in the past hour!!

20120526MorningSnow-9252_3_4.jpgWith our bubble window inserts, foam gel mattress topper, comforter, and beanie hats, we thought we were ready for whatever Mother Nature brought.


The low last night was 23 (yes, that’s TWENTY-THREE DEGREES FAHRENHEIT) and the heater only kicked on a couple times (of course, we had it set at 40 degrees). When Jim got up this morning and opened a window shade I heard "wow". I thought, this should be interesting. Holy crap again. Wow! Three full inches of snow – everywhere including the solar panels.  This felt like Mother Nature’s way of saying “Why don’t you spend a day relaxing.”


Happy SnowmanAnd so we did just that – Jim built a snowman and caught up on editing photos. It’s nice we’re both easily entertained. We finally took a break mid-afternoon, when we figured we’d hit the high of the day at 35 degrees. I donned a turtleneck, sweater, ski pants and ski jacket, wool socks, gloves, hat and snow boots to go for a walk in the woods. It was worth getting bundled up to hear the snow crunch and see the snow perched on the evergreen branches, untouched by wind or anything else. This was the kind of snow that’s enjoyable if you don’t have to go anywhere. It was a good day for a rest.

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