Our trip through the Grand Tetons in 2013 was much too quick, and we decided to add it as a re-do for our summer loop.
Colette returned from Minnesota on Friday afternoon, and we headed north, doing a glamorous overnight in a Walmart parking lot in Rawlins Wyoming.
With an early start out of there, we intended to visit the Wind River Wild Horse Sanctuary north of Lander Wyoming on the Wind River Indian Reservation, but the road in was sketchy for towing a camper into and we beelined it towards the Tetons.
Another intended stop was to view spring wildflowers near the Togwotee Pass along route 287, but we didn’t bring a shovel and there was still feet of snow – no wildflowers to be seen.
A quick overnight in a beautiful Forest Service dispersed camping spot and then onto an even better dispersed camping spot in the morning, close to the park.
We travel with the camper water tank empty to keep the weight down, so our first order of business was picking up water up at Colter Bay. While at Colter Bay, we decided to do a quick hike around the Colter Bay Lakeshore Loop, 2.5m miles with beautiful views of the Tetons over Jackson Lake.
Watching a storm moving in, we had perfect timing as it started sprinkling as we pulled out of the parking lot headed back to camper.
It looks like more of the same weather tomorrow, so maybe not much to report from Grand Tetons National Park until good weather rolls in on Tuesday.
With our cellular booster, we’re lucky to have some internet here, hence photos and a post. Once we leave this area we have no idea what our communications will look like.

The Tetons

The Tetons
A must-have panorama of the Teton Range from the Elk Ranch Flats Turnout along route 191 south of Moran Wyoming.

Sweet Solitude

Sweet Solitude
Escaping the National Park crowds with a sweet dispersed camping spot east of Route 191 in the Bridger-Teton National Forest.

Oxbow Bend

Oxbow Bend - Grand Tetons
Looking across Oxbow Bend to the Tetons.

No Boating For You

No Boating For You - Colter Bay in Grand Tetons
The Colter Bay Marina is completely dry due to drought conditions in the west.

Lodgepole Forests

Lodgepole Forests in Grand Tetons
The lodgepole forests along the Jackson Lake Lakeshore Loop trail make for a very pleasant stroll.

Mount Moran

Mount Moran
Colette admires the view of the glaciers on Mount Moran as a storm moves in.

Clouds Moving Down

Clouds Moving Down
Mount Moran is quickly covered by a fast moving storm, and we watched the snow falling across the entire Teton Range.

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