Here are a few 3-D projects I’ve been working on.

Design Software

Files are Autodesk Inventor, they can be opened directly in Ultimaker Cura for printing.


Parts that are for use in our R-Pod camper or in our Jeep are all printed in ASA for heat resistance.

Parts related to food are printed with food grade PLA.

3-D Printer

I use a Creality CR-10S for all prints.  I also created a custom plexiglass enclosure to provide heat retention for better prints.


All of my 3-D projects and files are copyrighted, but are free for personal use.

R-Pod Parts

I made so many R-Pod parts that they’re now on their own page HERE.

RAM Mount Bases

RAM Mounts are modular mounts for pretty much everything.  I ended up with so many variations that they have their own page HERE


X-Touch MIDI Controller Stand/Case

I use an X-Touch MIDI controller to edit photos in Adobe Lightroom, and this stand is perfect to keep the controller at the right angle for my use, and as a case with cable storage when I’m not using it.  Credit to my uncle Gerry for a ton of help with mating surfaces.
Left Side X-Touch Stand Part
Right Side X-Touch Stand Part
X-Touch Stand Assembly
X-Touch Body Slug

Nighthawk Router External Holder

I wanted a way to mount my Nighthawk 4G router outside the R-Pod for better reception, so this dome cover keeps it dry and ventilated, uses the Mr Long-Arm pole from the scrub brush we carry as a mounting pole, and mounts to the spare tire mount.  Credit to my uncle Gerry for redesign of the vent holes and interior structure.


Dome Part

Base Part

Bottom Mount Part

Top Mount Part


Nighthawk Router Slug

Samsung Galaxy S10E Mount

Samsung Galaxy S10 Mount

Fishing Line Holder for Backpacking

3-D Projects - Backpacking Fishing Line Holder

I use 100lb braided fishing line as general cordage when backpacking due to it’s light weight and compact size compared to conventional paracord.

Since I don’t want to carry a huge spool for size and weight, I thought a flat carrier would work well.

IPT File

National Hardware N128-900 Hinge

We’re using 10″ National Hardware N128-900 hinges on the carriage doors for our pole barn, and I couldn’t find a N128-900 CAD file out there to import into Autodesk Inventor so I created my own to scale down for the model.
The .ipt part files are combined in the .asm assembly file to create the final constrained assembly that rotates around the hinge pin.
National Hardware N128-900 hinge CAD assembly
N128-900 Hinge Base IPT
N128-900 Hinge Arm IPT
N128-900 Hinge Pin IPT
N128-900 Hinge Assembly IAM