Here are a few 3-D projects I’ve been working on.
Files are Autodesk Inventor, they can be opened directly in Ultimaker Cura for printing.

Parts that are for use in our R-Pod camper are all printed in ASA for heat resistance.  Parts related to food are printed with food grade PLA.

All of my 3-D projects and files are copyrighted, but are free for personal use.

R-Pod Window Tab

We cut Reflectix inserts for our windows, but they have a tendency to slide out. Glue these tabs to the frame and the Reflectix stays in.
3-D Projects - R-Pod Window Tab
R-Pod Window Tab Part (.ipt)

R-Pod Cookie Cutter

A single-piece cookie cutter. I ended up making a two-piece cookie cutter to allow different cookie thicknesses.
R-Pod Cookie Cutter Part

R-Pod Two-Piece Cookie Cutter

Here’s the two-piece cookie cutter.  Note that the imprint is still the RP-180, I might create an updated drawing for other models.

R-Pod Cookie Cutter Inside Part (.ipt)
R-Pod Cookie Cutter Outside Part (.ipt)
R-Pod Cookie Cutter Assembly (.iam)

R-Pod Frame Plugs

I didn’t like the open frame ends on the rear of the R-Pod, so these plugs glue right in.

R-Pod Frame Plug Part (.ipt)

R-Pod Wall Mount Cell Phone Charger Holder

I needed a bedside wireless phone charger to hold my phone and contact charger.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Part (.ipt)
Samsung Galaxy S10 Part (.ipt)

R-Pod Cup Holder

We built a shelf in the empty space above our bed, and this cup holder hangs from the slats of the shelf.  Holder fits a wine glass, beer can, or regular water bottle.
R-Pod Cup Holder Part (.ipt)

X-Touch MIDI Controller Stand/Case

I use an X-Touch MIDI controller to edit photos in Adobe Lightroom, and this stand is perfect to keep the controller at the right angle for my use, and as a case with cable storage when I’m not using it.
Left Side X-Touch Stand Part
Right Side X-Touch Stand Part
X-Touch Stand Assembly
X-Touch Body Slug

Nighthawk Router External Holder

I wanted a way to mount my Nighthawk 4G router outside the R-Pod for better reception, so this dome cover keeps it dry and ventilated, uses the Mr Long-Arm pole from the scrub brush we carry as a mounting pole, and mounts to the spare tire mount.


Dome Part

Base Part

Bottom Mount Part

Top Mount Part


Nighthawk Router Slug

Microsoft Wireless Keyboard Stands

I use a wireless keyboard in my Pod office, and having it flat on the table angles my wrists wrong.
These stands use the magnets out of the factory stand and angle the keyboard properly for my use.
Keyboard Stand Part (.ipt)