Finally putting a sheet together for tracking 14ers.

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Last Update: 7/31/2022

2021.09.18-Climbing-Mount-Yale - Colorado 14er

12019-06-27Mt. Elbert14,433’Sawatch Range
22019-06-30Mt. Massive14,421’Sawatch Range
32021-09-25Mt. Harvard14,420’Sawatch Rangecamp and Columbia combo
4Blanca Peak14,345’Sangre de Cristo
52019-07-01La Plata Peak14,336’Sawatch Range
6Uncompahgre Peak14,309’San Juan Mountains
7Crestone Peak14,294’Sangre de Cristo7, 19, 37 combo
82018-08-17Mt. Lincoln14,286’Mosquito Range
92017-08-17Grays Peak14,270’Front Range
102022-05-27Mt. Antero14,269’Sawatch Range
112017-08-17Torreys Peak14,267’Front Range
12Castle Peak14,265’Elk Mountains
132017-07-15Quandary Peak14,265’Tenmile Range
142018-08-20Mt. Evans14,264’Front Range
152021-12-02Longs Peak14,255’Front Range
16Mt. Wilson14,246’San Juan Mountains
*2018-08-17Mt. Cameron14,238’Mosquito Range
172021-11-21Mt. Shavano14,229’Sawatch Range
182019-07-03Mt. Belford14,197’Sawatch Range18.26.36 combo
19Crestone Needle14,197’Sangre de Cristo7, 19, 37 combo
202021-09-24Mt. Princeton14,197’Sawatch Range
212021-09-18Mt. Yale14,196’Sawatch Range
222018-08-17Mt. Bross14,172’Mosquito Range
23Kit Carson Peak14,165’Sangre de Cristo
*El Diente Peak14,159’San Juan Mountains
24Maroon Peak14,156’Elk Mountains
252021-11-21Tabeguache Peak14,155’Sawatch Range
262019-07-03Mt. Oxford14,153’Sawatch Range18.26.36 combo
27Mt. Sneffels14,150’San Juan Mountains
282018-08-17Mt. Democrat14,148’Mosquito Range
29Capitol Peak14,130’Elk Mountains
302021-07-15Pikes Peak14,110’Front RangeVia Barr Trail
31Snowmass Mountain14,092’Elk Mountains
32Mt. Eolus14,083’San Juan Mountains
33Windom Peak14,082’San Juan Mountains
34Challenger Point14,081’Sangre de Cristo
352021-09-25Mt. Columbia14,073’Sawatch Range
362019-07-03Missouri Mountain14,067’Sawatch Range18.26.36 combo
37Humboldt Peak14,064’Sangre de Cristo7, 19, 37 combo
382017-07-14Mt. Bierstadt14,060’Front Range
*Conundrum Peak14,060’Elk Mountains
39Sunlight Peak14,059’San Juan Mountains
402019-08-21Handies Peak14,048’San Juan Mountains
412019-07-14Culebra Peak14,047’Sangre de Cristo
42Ellingwood Point14,042’Sangre de Cristo
43Mt. Lindsey14,042’Sangre de Cristo
*North Eolus14,039’San Juan Mountains
44Little Bear Peak14,037’Sangre de Cristo
452017-08-18Mt. Sherman14,036’Mosquito Range
462019-08-22Redcloud Peak14,034’San Juan Mountains
47Pyramid Peak14,018’Elk Mountains
48Wilson Peak14,017’San Juan Mountains
49Wetterhorn Peak14,015’San Juan Mountains
502022-07-31San Luis Peak14,023’San Juan Mountains
*North Maroon Peak14,014’Elk Mountains
51Mt. of the Holy Cross14,005’Sawatch Range
522021-11-13Huron Peak14,003’Sawatch Range
532019-08-22Sunshine Peak14,001’San Juan Mountains

14er Ranking Caveats

* To be ranked, a peak must rise at least 300 feet above the saddle that connects it to the nearest 14er peak (if another exists nearby). 
This guideline has been in use in Colorado for some time.  The following peaks are not ranked because they do not fit this criteria, but they are on this 14er list because they are named and recognized on USGS maps:
Mt. Cameron – rises 138 feet above its saddle with Mt. Lincoln
El Diente – rises 259 feet above its saddle with Mt. Wilson
Conundrum Peak – rises 240 feet above its saddle with Castle Peak
North Eolus – rises 179 feet above its saddle with Mt. Eolus
North Maroon Peak – rises 234 feet above its saddle with Maroon Peak

Elevation and Rank data from