Lead The WaySo many superlatives describe scenes within Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks: tallest, deepest, largest, and oldest, just to name a few. Suffice it to say you have to get here and enjoy some of our nation’s treasures for yourself.


During our stay we saw an array of interesting and beautiful things but we’re covering just the highest of the highlights in our posts and photos.

The elevation in our travels ranged from 5500 feet to 8500 feet.  The temperature ranged from (gasp!) 22 degrees to a pleasant 75 degrees.  And speaking of highs – the highest we’ve ever paid for gas – $5.09/gal in Hume Lake – yikes!  We hiked alongside tourists from a variety of nations. Brushing the shoulder of the beginning of summer season (which we highly recommend) were able to enjoy many trails and sights in complete solitude.


When we weren’t checking superlatives off the list, we sat by roaring fires fueled by manzanita, enjoying stars that are even brighter with no light pollution and listened to songbirds unique to this area. Jim began cooking on an open fire and we ate many meals outside delighting in an absence of bugs.  We saw mule deer, brown bear, marmots, and chipmunks.  We returned tired and dusty at the end of each day of sightseeing.  We spent days letting the “peace of nature pass through us”.  -John Muir.


Tokopah FallsI admit it was not on my radar to visit Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks, but one of the beautiful aspects of having a planning partner is that we each bring different things to the travel log.  I’m glad my planning partner brought us here.

3 thoughts on “10 days in Sierra Nevada

  1. Jim, did anything look familiar from when we visited there with a friend of your dad when you were a kid? I remember several things quite well, one of which was a general store on the way up where you kids got candy! And also wading and playing in the streams along the road.

  2. Nothing looked familiar other than what I’ve seen on the Internet. I don’t even remember going there as a kid, but plenty of memories from Big Bear and some from the Redwood NF!

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