The Spanish Half Dome

Just an afternoon stroll she says… We don’t need to bring lunch she says… 8.1 miles and 2500 feet of elevation later… Up, Up, ...

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Hiking La Concha


After having spent so much time in the Rockies and Sierras, the lush green rolling Smokies are a big change from what we’re used to. I didn’t real...

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Hiking in the Smokies


For the record, Colette has been officially banned from arranging any “vacations” unless she will be participating.  She has now been put on noti...

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Canyon Dreams


With a sudden work trip to DC interrupting our northward-bound movement, we ended up with a two week stop in Orange County (referred to as the O.C.) s...

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Holy Jim and the O.C.

Cyclone, Typhoon, Hurricane, Whirlwind.  I feel like I got run over by each of these right after the other.  It’s a good thing that Shelby...

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Whirlwind Week

Considering she lives in an area where elevation is measured in numbers below sea level, we thought we’d start Shelby’s visit off with a bang and ...

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Shirley Canyon Trail

No trip to Yosemite National Park would be complete without exploring Tioga Road as it winds up through the higher elevations, eventually exiting the ...

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Tioga Road–Top Of The World

It is said that when a visitor asked a Yosemite ranger what he would do if he had only a day to visit the park, the ranger replied, "I’d si...

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Yosemite Valley

We rolled out of Fresno fully stocked and ready for the next two weeks of our adventure in Yosemite National Park.  Adventure is afoot, although ...

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Back to the mountains

After a couple of false starts (including getting the Honda stuck in 14” of snow on the road to Fresno Dome and venturing down a “trail” that tu...

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Graveyard of the Giants