There has been a noticeable silence here on the RT blog.  In fact, if you’re counting, it’s been almost 22 months since the last post. During our...

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A Year In The Making


Alternate post title: WHEW, we made it home.    First the cruise, then a couple fun days in Key Largo snorkeling the reefs in Pennekamp Stat...

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Back to Reality

Sometimes, boys gotta be boys.  And that means he-man boy-time in the man cave of your choice.    Since my buddy Silk just picked up a ...

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Boys Gotta Be Boys

As our time in Punta Gorda comes to a close a popular question we’re hearing is “Where are you going next?” That’s not an easy answer, but it ...

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Who Where When

Swimming with dolphins is hard work! And well worth the effort. When I say “swimming”, I mean hands motionless close to the body and feet kicking ...

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Dolphins Plus