There has been a noticeable silence here on the RT blog.  In fact, if you’re counting, it’s been almost 22 months since the last post. During our...

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A Year In The Making


The National Park, not the Games. We’ve been waiting a long time to get here, and it was well worth waiting for.  With an RV, the journey is just a...

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Welcome to The Olympics


The Oregon coast held very big hopes for the both of us and we’ve been anticipating touring the Pacific Northwest since we began our RV adventure in...

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Chasing Superlatives


Alternate post title: WHEW, we made it home.    First the cruise, then a couple fun days in Key Largo snorkeling the reefs in Pennekamp Stat...

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Back to Reality


Sometimes it’s nice to take a step back and get back to your roots.  Since it’s not often that we make it to the Midwest, we decided to do a big ...

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Road Trip!


With a sudden work trip to DC interrupting our northward-bound movement, we ended up with a two week stop in Orange County (referred to as the O.C.) s...

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Holy Jim and the O.C.

We’ve talked about making the trip out to Catalina Island since we were here last winter, and once we discovered that we could get Colette’s boat ...

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Catalina Island

Sycuan Casino Camping

If we did a key word search through our posts I’m guessing a popular phrase would be “good thing we’re flexible”.   That holds true for t...

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Sycuan Casino

We arrived on “the Big Island” mid-day on an easy inter-island flight through Honolulu.  After stopping for groceries and getting settled in ...

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The Big Island, Hawaii

My routine most mornings here has been to go for a walk and listen to a podcast to get the blood flowing in my body and brain. It’s my morning commu...

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Jojoba Hills in Aguanga, CA

It is NOT pah-rump.   It’s Prump.  Prump , Nevada.   It doesn’t matter that it’s spelled Pahrump, the locals will let you know qu...

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All Prumped Up

5:30 a.m. – 81 degrees.   It must be the desert air, or maybe the extra oxygen at this elevation.   After getting up at 5 a.m. to watch th...

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Like kids in a giant sandbox