Outdoor Sports


After having spent so much time in the Rockies and Sierras, the lush green rolling Smokies are a big change from what we’re used to. I didn’t real...

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Hiking in the Smokies


For the record, Colette has been officially banned from arranging any “vacations” unless she will be participating.  She has now been put on noti...

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Canyon Dreams


Alternate post title: WHEW, we made it home.    First the cruise, then a couple fun days in Key Largo snorkeling the reefs in Pennekamp Stat...

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Back to Reality

We decided several weeks ago that we needed to spend a day or two on the southwest corner of the Rocky Mountain National Park to complete our circumfe...

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In case you were wondering, thanks to us Lost Lake is no longer lost.  Well I’m not exactly sure that it was ever technically lost, but if it r...

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Lost Lake–Found Again

Bike ride redemption.  Last weekend’s bike ride kicked my butt!  We didn’t finish enough of the trail to write about, so during the week...

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Thank you Mr. Betasso!

Part of the reason I don’t get lonely being homeless and not living in a “community” is that we’re surrounded by our friends. This weekend we ...

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Mt. Audubon–oh my!

“I think I see it, not much further now.”  Moments pass.   “Around that bend, I think that’s the top.”  Moments pass.   ...

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Mount Sanitas

Smartly (or sadistically) we decided to work a different muscle group from yesterday and bike along Boulder Creek Path.  It’s seven miles of a beau...

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Boulder Creek Path

Before we set out on a hike, we’re learning to read reviews from places like ProTrails, and that we need to take into consideration that our definit...

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Royal Arch